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Completion of 1rst project half

The ComBoNDT project has recently completed its first half, of its entire 36-month duration. Throughout this period, the project partners have managed to achieve some significant breakthroughts in the challenging topic of quality assurance for adhesive bonding of load-critical CFRP primary aircraft structures, and towards allow overcoming current limitations regarding certification of composites. For many of the contaminants studied, there was limited or no reference in the literature for mechanical characterization. A fully experimental characterization and explanation is now provided for various commonly encountered defects in aeronautics contaminations and the effects they have on the integrity of the bondline of adhesive composite joints, thus moving a step forward to understanding and expanding the use of adhesive bonds in aerostructures. If the techniques under development are proven to be effective, this could lead to significant reduction of time and costs related to unscheduled repairing of undetected weak bonds. Moreover, the downtime of the aircraft will be reduced, resulting in overall costs reduction. You can find an overall summary of ComBoNDT's achievements during its 1rst half (M1-M18) here.

Workshop on Quality Assurance of Composite Materials

ComBoNDT was presented at the 6th EASN International Conference on Innovation in European Aeronautics Research, which took place in Porto, Portugal on 18-21 October 2015.More specifically,  the project was dscussed through a series of presentations from the consortium partners during a dedicated session, part of the Workshop on Quality Assurance of Composite Materials, which was organized by Fraunhofer, wiithin the EASN Conference. In total six (6) presentations were given by the consortium partners and three (3) by external experts, allowing the creationg of a fruifrul forum and the generations of interesting dialogues on the latest challenges on the field.

Completion of mid-term and meeting with PO

Marking the completion of the project's first half, work package leaders met with the project's European Commission Officer, Mr. Felix Hugues in Brussels, on September 27th 2015. During this one-day meeting, the partners and European Commission had the opportunity to have a round table discussion and elaborate on the project's achievements, foreseen actions and other considerations. You can find an overview of the activities realized during the first 18 months here.

Completion of first year

Year 1 of the ComBoNDT development is now complete.  You can find an overview of the activities realized here.

2nd Progress Meeting

The ComBoNDT 2nd Progress Meeting took place at the premises of Airbus Group Innovations in Toulouse, France. During the 2-day meeting, lasting from May 12th to May 13th, the consortium partners thoroughly discussed the latest developments of the project's activities, as these are divided among the various Work Packages. By now, a series of samples have been generated and shared among the partners, and accordingly the first tests have taken place.

1st Progress Meeting

The 1st Progress Meeting, marking the end of the project's first semester, was realized remotely (teleconference) on November, 19th. The aim of the meeting was to allow the consortium partners to discuss on the activities realized during the first six months of the ComBoNDT lifetime, and to also elaborate on the planned actions for the following semester. More speficially, at this point the various materials, processes and parameters related to these applications (e.g.

Completion of first semester

The first six months of the project were completed successfully.  You can find an overview of the activities realized here.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636494.

This project is endorsed by the European Aeronautics Science Network - EASN.

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