Demonstration Days in Bremen

The consortium focuses in three main directions, namely the amelioration of the developed ENDT techniques in terms of accuracy and applicability, the development of numerical models and tools for predicting the effect of contamination scenarios to the fracture toughness and the organization (workflow and execution) of the Demonstration Days. In the framework of WP3 samples of high geometrical complexity as well as repair samples comprising several contamination scenarios were assessed utilizing the established ENDT methods. Minor updates towards the automation of the ENDT devices (equipment and software for data processing) were conducted. Improvements on both the accuracy and the equipment of the ENDT techniques were also reported in WP4. The consortium also executed successfully the plan for the Demonstration Days. This event was held in the Fraunhofer IFAM premises in Bremen between 11 and 15 of December 2017. Within the Demonstration Days the ENDT techniques developed in both WP3 and WP4 were implemented to bonded CFRP panels (production and repair) before (WP3) and after (WP4) bonding.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636494.

This project is endorsed by the European Aeronautics Science Network - EASN.

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