EASN Technology Innnovation Services (EASN-TIS)

The European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN) is the Association of the European Academia active in Aeronautics research. Its main goal is to support the development of new knowledge, innovation and breakthrough technologies through fundamental research in Aeronautics. It represents the Academia in ACARE and other EU forums and committees. Through its currently registered members, EASN connects to more than 10.000 academic staff throughout Europe. More information regarding the EASN Association can be found on the EASN website www.easn.net.

Furthermore, EASN has agreements with industrial and SME organizations for the dissemination of knowledge and research related information. The strategic partnerships of EASN as well as the wide spread of its members allow EASN to disseminate Aeronautics related information to practically the whole Aeronautics community.

The EASN Association is contractually linked to EASN Technology Innovation Services BVBA (EASN-TIS), which is responsible for undertaking the EASN tasks in the frame of research projects, including project management and administration.

Role in the project

For this project, the main objective of EASN-TIS is to promote activities for the effective dissemination of knowledge among and beyond the members of the consortium by spreading the knowledge incubated within the project to a wide audience from all sectors such as the Industry, SMEs, the Academia and research establishments, but also to the wider public throughout Europe. Furthermore, an exploitation strategy will be defined so as to ensure the most efficient use of the project results.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636494.

This project is endorsed by the European Aeronautics Science Network - EASN.

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